Presented By:

Terry Smith
Lead IIS Engineer

Alpha Anywhere


Coming soon, Alpha Anywhere will have full IIS support! Learn more about what's coming and how you can use it in your existing implementations at this 1-hour overview webinar

The Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS fits into IIS just like other technologies such as Python, Ruby, Perl and ASP fit into IIS. IIS handles the grunt work of an HTTP request and then passes off the request to Alpha Anywhere to be processed. IIS also handles returning the response of the request back to the browser and any session management that may be needed.

What you'll learn at the webinar:

  • Introduction to Alpha Anywhere for IIS
  • Find out how to become a beta tester and unlock IIS functionality now
  • Create an example application and publish it to IIS
  • Learn how Alpha Anywhere for IIS uses existing IIS functionality like IIS Manager, Failed Request Tracing, and Integrated Windows Authentication
  • Live Q&A

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