AlphaRef Reader is a new way to read and distribute reference materials for tablets, phones and other mobile devices.

Unlike most commercial readers, like Kindle and Nook - AlphaRef Reader is specially designed to read reference materials, and has extensive bookmarking and  search capabilities - as well as other features uniquely helpful when dealing with reference texts.

It also varies from other commercial readers in that the application can only include  one reference work, instead of giving you access to a library. So each  reference work is its own application. However, a single reference work can  contain multiple books if desired.

For example, the KIng James Version of the Bible is an AlphaRef Reader application available free in the Apple App Store.  The application doesn't allow you to  load in any other text except for the King James Bible. However, the King James  Version of the Bible itself is divided into multiple books all of which are included  in the application.

If you are interested in using AlphaRef reader to distribute your own  reference materials - please fill out the form on the right to get your free AlphaRed Reader Info Kit



Because AlphaRef Reader is designed specifically for reading reference materials, it includes features to make the job easier. These include a slide in table of contents, coarse control and fine control scrolling, the ability to quickly jump to recent and frequently viewed content and an very flexible bookmarking system, which allows you to move your bookmarks around  on a pasteboard interface.


Table of Contents with Subsections      

Instead of a table of contents at the beginning of the text, with AlphaRef reader, you can get to the table of contents at anytime, with the table of contents button in the upper right part of the screen. The table of contents can also be divided into multiple levels. In this example, you  are looking at the King James Bible, which is divided into Books, Chapters, and Verses and so the table of contents in this case is formatted to into that structure.




Scrollbar with Coarse and Fine Scroll Control

In a large reference work, a scroll bar can be difficult to use since it's easy to scroll past the  the part you are looking for. To overcome this, AlphaRef reader offers both a fine and course scrolling. The course control lets you find the general area in the text you are interested in, while the fine control lets you narrow down your search. Both fine and course controls display a tag next to the scroll bar showing you the section and subsection. 





Quick full-text search

AlphaRef reader also includes a full-text search, and the results are displayed in a list organized by section and subsection.




Frequently viewed list

AlphaRef reader automatically keeps track of the parts of the text you refer to most often, and the parts of the text you have read to recently, so you can jump there directly.  You can also scroll through the pages you have viewed in the past, with the forward and next buttons, just like on a web browser.




Bookmarks with Two-dimensional Pasteboard, Labels, and Color Coding

AlphaRef reader also excels when it comes to managing bookmarks. When you bookmark sections of your text, you can arrange them on a two-dimensional pasteboard by dragging them with your finger.



You can also label them and color code them, in a way that makes sense to you.


How to Use your Reference Materials with AlphaRef reader.

You can encode your own reference materials into AlphaRef reader so that they may be distributed to users on Apple or Android tablets. AlphaRef reader is an application built in the Alpha Anywhere  development platform. To create your own reference documentation, you will need a copy of the Alpha Anywhere Development platform as well as the AlphaRef reader source files, both are available from AlphaSoftware. For help formatting your files so that they work with AlphaRef reader, we will soon be offering a webinar to show you how it's done. 


In addition, we also offer professional services to convert your text and build the app for you.  For more information, please fill out the AlphaRef Reader Info Kit form at the top of this page.

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