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Oil Drilling Inspection Maintenance App.png

Field Inspection App
Field Inspection App for an Oil Drilling Company

This is an offline mobile app, designed for tablets and smartphones that allows oil platform workers to record maintenance information and update the database via Wi-Fi. Workers can take date-stamped photos of their maintenance work. The app includes a signature block so that the workers can sign the forms, an additional means of verification. (Source: Thomas Guth)
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Merrick Sales App.png

Field Sales App
Field Sales App for a Pet Food Company 

This offline-capable, cross-platform mobile app is used by pet food salespeople to use when they visit retailers. The app maps sales visits, provides customer/retailer info, alerts reps to promotional offers and allows capture of competitive information. (Source: Nestle-Purina/Merrick Pet Care)


KnectXpense Finance App.png

Field Sales App
Finance App for Expense Reporting

This offline-capable, cross-platform mobile app captures expenses, photos of receipts, trigger email workflow and create PDFs. (Source: KnectSoft)
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Hayat Field Service App.png

Field Sales App
Field Service App for a Wireless Company

This mobile field app supports telecommunications repair workers servicing cell towers in the field. This CMRI, (Computerized Maintenance, Rollout and Inventory) system supports the full range of the company’s operations, including work orders, personnel management and dispatching, task planning, inventory management and reporting. The mobile app has full back-end integration and offline capability. (Source: Hayat Communications)
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Delivery App.png

Field Delivery App
Field Delivery App for a Pharmaceutical Company

This offline-capable, cross-platform app includes customer data, mapping, scheduling, quality checks, and e-signature.

Cotswold Archeology Field Data App.png

Field Data Capture App
Field Data Capture App for Archeologists

This mobile optimized form speeds archaeology data capture in the field. An innovative paperless recording, analysis and archiving system, it sets the standard for British archaeological contractors. (Source: Start Software/Cotswold Archaeology)
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SafetyAG Health and Safety App.png

Safety and Health App
Safety and Health App for Agribusiness

This interactive desktop and mobile software gives farmers real-time access to their work health and safety (WHS) system whether they’re in the on a desktop office, or in the paddock or field on a mobile device. (Source: Safe Ag Systems)
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Oerca Zoological Health App.png

Field Healthcare App
Zoological Animal Healthcare App

The OERCA Mobile App is a companion native app supporting the full OERCA Animal Welfare Application. Veterinarians and care givers or researchers in the field can select any one of their animals and manage everything from lab results to nutritional plans to behavioral records and more – from their mobile device of choice. (Source: OERCA)
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Delivery App.png

Delivery App

Wine Delivery App for a Private Collector

This offline-capable app helps a private collector with 37,000 bottles of wine and only 11,000 spaces in his newly built cellardetermine how best to move wine for optimium storage and use. The app tracks 7,700 unique types of wine based upon bottle size, year, and wine name. (Source: Data Driven Systems)

NorthernEdge Screenshots.jpg

Patient Care and Scheduling App

Physical Therapy Patient Care App

This app helps a Physical Therpay office communication with patients so they can log care issues, ask questions, book therapy sessions and take advantage of last minute appointmente openings.The apps capabilities include: integration with the firm's database of record, mobile-optimized data capture, push notifications, offline operation, and more. (Source: Northern Edge Physical Therapy)


Uplanit Business Continuity App.png

Business Continuity App
Business Continuity App for Disaster Scenario Planning

This mobile app facilitates disaster planning scenarios. It allows on-site consultant to create and facilitate scenarios on the fly, including video and interactivity with participants. Enables instantaneous feedback, subscription and billing, and online payment. (Source: UPlanIT)
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MySchoolAnywhere Education App.png

Education App
Education App for School Directory

This mobile, web and desktop system serves thousands of schools and parents around the world. It easily and securely manages their school student directories, event and sports schedules, parent-teacher communications and more. (Source: MySchoolAnywhere)
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