Webinar | The Secret to User Happiness: Building a Mobile App Business Process

Hosted by:
Jeff Bonar, CEO, Jumpstart Wireless Corporation

Dr. Jeff Bonar, CEO of Jumpstart Wireless Corporation, will show the design and analysis work you should be doing BEFORE you start coding so that you can build a mobile business app that integrates smoothly into your (or your client's) business. This webinar will cover what you need to translate business goals into application features as well as how to set your goals first.

Jeff will demonstrate the best way to answer the big questions that arise when you set out to build a mobile app:

  • What do your users really want?
  • What would make the app exiciting?
  • How do you integrate with existing systems?
  • How do you selectively synchronize data to and from the mobile app?
  • Which existing systems do you keep and which do you discard?